Terms and Conditions

Myspanishroom acts as an ‘Agent’ for the letting of residential property from landlords to tenants.


Agreement: Terms of business, the assured shorthold tenancy together with the privacy policy.

Member: Any prospective tenant who has registered with Myspanishroom.

Tenancy: Shall be the entire period in which the Tenant will occupy the property.

Membership Entitlements

Tenant: Free access to view, reserve property and find housemates.

Landlord: Free access to upload property details. The right to charge once a part or all of the property is rented.

Privacy Policy

Myspanishroom’s privacy policy forms part of this agreement and by agreeing to this agreement, you also give consent to the way Myspanishroom handles your personal data. Given the global nature of the World Wide Web, any posting on this site including giving personal information may be accessible to the users of the internet.

The Property

The images found on Myspanishroom are an accurate representation of the property. The landlord’s responsibility includes repairing the property to ensure that the property complies with the housing regulations of Spain and Catalonia. The landlord is also responsible for maintaining the structural components of the dwelling (roofs, floors, walls, etc) and providing the adequate locks and keys for the residence. The chattels of the dwelling are also the landlord’s responsibility, requiring maintenance and replacement of any electrical, plumbing and heating appliances. The collection of rent and retaining deposits is also the responsibility of the landlord.


Those seeking to change their room or make particular arrangements regarding their booking must do so 30 days prior to arrival. Guests seeking to cancel their reservation 30 days before arrival will receive a 100% refund.

However, guests who cancel with less than 30 days notice are only eligible to 50% of their reservation fee and deposit.

In the event of the proprietor cancelling the reservation, Myspanishroom will provide a room with similar or better characteristics. Those who seek a refund in this circumstance will only receive their deposit.